Seneca County Park District

Bowen Nature Preserve
11891 E. CR 24, Republic, OH 44867
65-acre nature preserve, open prairie, wetland, 2.7 miles hiking & equestrian trails

Clinton Nature Preserve
400 E. TR 132, Tiffin
.33-acre park with 1 mile river access trail

Forrest Nature Preserve
701 E. CR 6, Tiffin, OH 44883
23-acre nature preserve, 80 ft. bluff overlooking Honey Creek, Riparian wood and meadowlands, 1.2 miles hiking trails

Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve
5777 S. SR 19, Bloomville, OH 44818
292-acre nature preserve, Disability accessible nature center, walkway, boardwalk and two shelters, 37 acre shallow lake, 120 acres of wetlands and woodlands, 10.9 miles hiking and equestrian trails

Geary YMCA Fruth Outdoor Center
10130 W. SR 18, Fostoria
20-acre park with outdoor youth sports, outdoor programs, and multi-use fields

Mercy Community Nature Preserve
45 St. Lawrence Dr., Tiffin
22-acre woods with loop trail, public fishing, Riparian corridors, wildlife, five geocaches. 1.1 miles of improved trails.

Opportunity Park
780 E. CR 20, Tiffin
820 feet paved exercise track, paved trails, fully accessible playground

Steyer Nature Preserve
5901 N. CR 33, Tiffin, OH 44883
141-acre nature preserve, Sandusky River canoe access, Riparian woodland
Deep ravines, 70-acre hunting area in season, 4.17 miles hiking trails

Tiffin University Nature Preserve
2375 W. CR 26, Tiffin
Open daily from 8 am-9 pm
30-acre nature preserve with 1.23-mile hiking trail, handicapped accessible gazebo.

Zimmerman Nature Preserve
680 E. SR 18, Tiffin, OH 44883
5-acre nature preserve, Handicapped accessible, two shelters, .23 mile paved trail